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in a very exact and convincing manner of a method of physical
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verse Ch. Transverse 8ep gt tum Sep tum enceph ali
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manifested itself between the fifteenth and thirty fifth years. It is very
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Beadj nge Lectures unto them in the common hall and
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the mixture allowed to stand at 2 7 C. for one hour.
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pose of introducing nitrate of silver in the powdered state into the
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cotton woo instead of sanitary paper should be used. Stools to be
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Satlei lbvvaite T. E. Fatty degeneration of the heart 165
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Of the data that are to be entered upon this sheet only important
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Sometimes it prepares the way for specific occupational diseases.
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the various districts will gather together and select one of their number
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malignant tumors of the tongue in which is included
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rounded nuclei which escape on bursting. Intermixed are spheroidal masses
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brought about by an analogous process the only difference
m the ordinary manner. Opiates should be largely administered.
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Some Unusual Obstetrical Experiences Dr. George V R
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follow out the directions he received at home as if
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or typhoid or with few exceptions almost any form of disease
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the diseased parts to as nearly a normal condition as
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latter part of September I cauterized the prostatis urethra by
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ditions which cause abdominal pain. Colic is therefore a
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by the English Consul at Bassora. It was soon adopted by several
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able to the irrigation treatment or to local applica

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