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larly in those cases in which the ectopic gestation

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tirely absent or it may greatly predominate. It plays an

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on every patient the old charitable basis whereby tlia

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stores suffer from it much more than those engaged in other

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age of ten and nearly half the total number of cases display marked

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nerve stimuli from extraneous sources may reach the

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to hyperplasia of the connective tissue but the distal ex

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Musculau e au point de vue physiologique et pathologique

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work. If the frog is not very prominent a leather sole put on

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softened in the center and sometimes more or less hccmorrhagic.

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The conditions coming within the scope of this article may be grouped

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Small thrombi may be absorbed and disappear but the

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of one portion of the cortex can interrupt the activity of another

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Varicosities in the IfuiMr extremities produce fatigue cramp swelling

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appealing forthwith to Governor Lynslager as earnestly

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the parslytied foot remaioe pemstently. The author thus explaial

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importance of thoroughly brushing all the surfaces of

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painstaking practitioner supplied with good instruments.

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that everything that is known in regard to them has been abund

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White Charles On the regular gradation in Man and other Animals

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The routine chemical analyses of urine blood gastric fluid etc. can best be

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by the consumption of irritant plants in animals previously suffering

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necessary an obliteration could be performed without risk to the limb. The

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State University in country or city the same end. in the long

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tricles and attached to the inner surface of the epiglottis. There may

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branches and branchlets very densely ferruginous ubescent or pilose and

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anaemia in a somewhat elderly case of chlorosis was on more careful

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