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Dobell who has had a very favourable experience of this treatment

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plete the toilet with great deliberation and care by hurrying through the

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ordered a course of the Xreuznach mineral waters and her recovery

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was continued vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes with frequent renewals of both

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IV. Members of Colonial Indian or foreign universities

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disturbance of balancing. The third group consists of vestiljular

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is intestinal obstruction due to adhesions which have been formed

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For obtaining artificial hypersemia in buboes special

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Ventilation is entirely a mechanical plan of disinfecting and which it

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either breaking the cord or detaching the placenta. Th cord ruptured

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puzzling on account of its suggesting animal life behaved

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muth may also be given as a calmative. Active rubbing of the

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filtration the most marked change is in the voice. The voice may be

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ale Guinness stout. Too long an interval not to elapse between meals.

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has you in its grasp and the life and interest of this

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manuscript and applied the knowledge thus attained at the bedside.

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ties to ordinary striated muscle more slowly over those parts

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The sensitive nervous system of the child must not be overprotected.

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was confronted with the evidence of her guilt the blood

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but not ouc lias drawn a broad line of distinction between

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was inserted. The pleural cavity was also drained. The

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the form of jelly this being washed with weak alcohol and dried yields

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tion of his career the need of aiding whom kept him

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were absent and in other tubules of the same specimen the

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It should be remembered that in nearly all renal tumors the large

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of parturition and in form resembles the allantois of the Pig It

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cases it is preferable because it is more rapid and

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that children paralyzed from brain lesions are apt to

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tranquil pool of tribal life passes first into the sheltered lake of

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nuclear variety. Flexner and Lewis in a study of the spinal fluid

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pmrperalts of Arioing being the active agents in engendering the

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for December 17 1898. He substantially agrees with the

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creatic calculi causing obstruction of the duct of Wir

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ministration may be subcutaneous. The exact dose has not been

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