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The cells of the marrow are included in two main groups
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December and a part of January there are a relatively
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creases the size of the uterus which may be looked on as the
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In the nonperforated cases there were 9 correct diagnoses. Their ages
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larynx by which the shape and area of its opening rima glottidis
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Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital Consulting Surgeon to
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were used for the experiments. Histological examination of the
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friend and colleague who observed this phenomenon in himself. This
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M. Jounesco mentions an interesting fact in connexion
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question. At present many former subscribers to hospitals
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minute being especially more rapid during forced expiration and slowed by
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nitroglycerin is the most powerful of all explosives.
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torique et Pratique de la Vaccine Svo. Paris 1801.
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cells were generally arranged around the margin producing acini in
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with their subdivisions and with the efferent vessel form an
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in or the vital phagocytic activity of the endothelial lining
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The sensation of dryness in the throat may be relieved by
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trismus nascentium and of laryngismus stridulus on a

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