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chitis while an examination of the prsecordial region left no doubt of the

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Four days subsequently the patient complained of pain on the

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needle being heated as often as necessary during the operation. The needle

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saddle should never be re applied until the skin is quite cool and

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promptly washing the lower bowel with warm water. This danger

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Atypical cases are sometimes seen in which the vaso motor symptoms

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secretive enemy as tuberculosis even such powerful forces

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mann tracttre anioa et oatendere nuuuaefactnni Hanno e cUriHinuB

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views applies equally well to the scientific meetings that

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one relating to pneumatics by raising the temperature

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in venous pressure. Intrathoracic pressure is increased in expiration and

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until the mixture is about the consistency of commercial maple syrup. Five

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be from another being a giant in size and strength with yellow hair

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will turn inside the cold which is the cause of dis

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vertebral ganglia and least in the cells of the nuclei in the

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cramp like movements may occur alone or in combination in the lower

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layers of lint and thoroughly moistened with a solu

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venous this side only deals with the impure blood. The left side

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Care must be taken that the blood flow to and from tho

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of the rectum was markedly infiltrated and surrounded by the

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or no area of healthy tissue and extensive infiltration

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down to the injuredf point when you have a healthy blood

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raphy of Oporinus appears in enlarged font the faulty pagination and ind X

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Andrews was the main administrator and carried on the

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between the mesocepbalic and bracliy cephalic is greater than tliat between

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suture a wound of the heart. In 1909 Vaugluin collected 150

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accurate information concerning zymotic infectious diseases the

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ments the internal oblique being attached in a majority ol

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place. The graded schools had been newly introduced and no man was

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desirability of making provision as soon as possible

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of the Maryland Hospital for the Insane are six cases

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ings of canal boats and barges. Such adulteration not only robs your

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spleen chiefly suffered in the intermittent type. Quinine was a specific

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fractm es of the femur should be left immobilized from eight to twelve

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Definition. An affection characterized clinically by incoordination

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Continuing witness said he injected the transparent portion

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to those who have already taken the dental licence alone the way

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by the mouth and a simultaneous subsidence of the inflammation.

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by hot bathing. When the eye has been burned by the

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lunar valves chiefly in the conns arteriosus and it is therefore over

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Take of pure Iodine Iron reduced by Hydrogen each half a drachm

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readily in overnourished people. Over nourishment can be controlled. There

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instituted for quickly traversing the desert or for any purpose

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in hospital December 31 1910 making a total of 844 treated during

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case of spondylolisthesis or displacing of the fifth lumbar

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thus affected operates under different laws. It is in a condition of

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is in molds that the bacillus icteroides is sheltered dur

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appear to be the initial agents in a progressively failing heart.

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further exploration of the presence of rickettsioses in

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coimcil were given to Mr. Alderman Crosby for his endeavor

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Tlie Committee recommends that the following annual salaries

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area from which eacli report cjmes and no doubt iu part

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pendently of chronic diseases of the arteries has been recognised as a

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