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electrical discharges in high vacua. He found that in the at

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Crawford in doing what he did under circumstances that the jury

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the space was occupied. In a later stage he measured how much

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the most perfect legato style so that every note agreed with the trill

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save when sequestrated while the anatomic conditions

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constant occurrence in cases of lead poisoning when

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stridulus is due to central nervous instability vide p. 264.

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fore and the service of supply has been adequately met. The con

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Hodgkin s disease has all the earmarks of a mild slow relentless

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turpentine. The essences of rectified lemon and of rose act feebly

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long chapter to the first topic and lfoung in his Medical Literature

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tion of blood to the brain and lessens the muscular

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The clinical pathology of a series of thirty cases gassed by exposure to

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views applies equally well to the scientific meetings that

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scribed as fforroHOo by Gutierrez by Fontecha 1611. Villa Real 1611

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Thomas Wright Hil toirc de la caricature et du grotesque. I8 amp 7.

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neuralgia is comparatively rare. I have met with it

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don Congress 1913 and adopted by the Congress of Gynecologists

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Hen old has certainly produced a fatal nephritis in dogs by giving them

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character still it is none the less convincing in its

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termed an aura is most frequently one of mental unrest and is shown

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Melano sarcomatous element would arise from the melanoblast and

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Clinically such cases not infrequently follow labour and

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These are as a rule somewhat smaller than the vesi

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Hunterian are usually delivered during this and Hit preceding month

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under certain circumstances completely abolishing them. Sometimes

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