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perfusion. Experiments of this nature are being continued.

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Heineke as being due to a methodical error in the hemoglobin deter

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will be passed through this Legislature. The evil is so well recog

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particulars can be obtained from Mr. Hugh Whitelockc

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Thb President The question has been raised whether we

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ed. The limbs began to show signs of resistance and the cyanosis was

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when recovery ensues even in cases with ulceration the integ

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simple remedy succeeded in a very remarkable manner producing on the

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Restiveness or refusal to pi oceed in the desired direction.

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stances for one case alone the study of 1 000 sections each

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ness signs of fatigue perspiration after slight exertion capricious or

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ially in the anterior descending branch. The posterior branch

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dress her daughter for a whole year in linsey woolsey and

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by persons on their vacations away from this city. Doctor

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move it and by this means prevent a large amount of

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fastly in one direction. The condition is most frequently induced

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pathological explanation is not by any means p7 oven and consequently it is

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economical as Avell as convenient since the current absorbed by

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highly and recommended its introduction into Europe.

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The trachea was then held as firmly as possible with a hook during

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rounded nuclei which escape on bursting. Intermixed are spheroidal masses

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means a difficult operation the reverse is true of the

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between the people and Wa kon da must stand before his

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for syphilis all the 84 cases of hemiplegia occurring between October 1919

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numerically weaker this is in itself proof that it is intellectually

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fully treutfd by ice poultices cracked ice and sawdust iu

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veterinary writers are in the habit of again subdividing it into

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out the printer s name but on the title page the author Michael

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lower border well rounded. The color was generally grayish brown. The cut

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possible that they are based on the severe cases alone the milder

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who had the same impulse at the same time and who eventually committed

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experience was similar to Richardson s his eases being

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ne was content to fill his calling in a hard country

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Non Union of Fractures J S Horsley. Richmond Va. Jour

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sub judice. In my judgment the rule of practice may with the present

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tight corset. Beside laying aside the cor weeks are required. Secondly

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the other hand when the uterus is in the left lateral portion

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Johnson mentions a boy of seven with severe gonorrhea complicated

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athletes soldiers laborers and others whose vocations or avocations

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times confounded in some respects they resemble each other both are

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and to increase the work done by the muscles during treatment.

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tion was at once found in a derelict college and in a

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assertion. It is also demonstrated that there were three

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drainage opening. The rectum was not involved and was not

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there were no physical evidencea of disease of the lungs or bronchi. This

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version of the Uterus in Transact of Med. and Chirurg.

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colic is not entirely without danger from sudden heart failure. In

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