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of course the product of a disturbed pharmacologist s mind wherein is conceded

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Boers closed with our troops near the wells Corporal Farmer held a

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of inductions of premature labor for contracted pelvis during

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fluid snrmoanted by a stratum of fonsel oil. This latter though impregnated with

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mended by another. Occurrences such as these demonstrate that much still

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Borchardt and Bennigson used this method satisfactorily. Reicher

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into the circulation during manipulations essential to a tonsillectomy.

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that the leucocytes will take up and they find the number in

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the other nerves of sense e.. the nerve of taste and the motor

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of bathing suits and the substitution of sheets which are less

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sionally the circinate tubercular syphiloderm has been confounded with

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and other samples of low vegetation. 5 In this exceedingly varied

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epithelial cancer. The mucous layer of the skin was inflamed the

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intent to produce abortion but without the desired effect. On Sunday

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gathered in a series of 8 cases I have been considerably shaken in

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In case of corneal ulceration when perforation is apparently

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the order of pourings and the interchange of water and ions between

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In a few instances paralysis of the soft palate has followed influenza

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surgeonaparticularly neglected this branch of the treatment. If larger doses

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