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with it in print and the first time he heard it. Dr.

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based on the study of 187 cases of gastric ulcer occurring in the

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serum isotonic salt solution and Ringer s or Locke s solution

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end of half an hour the placenta still remained undelivered. The

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first Granulation tissue suffers traumatism whenever it is touched

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toast and water thin gruel milk porridge or some such liquor

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appearance. Then an edematous swelling showed itself in front of the

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effect the operator ought always to be provided with a bottle of strong

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Mountain State Insane Asylum died in Reading Pa. July 15.

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Malaria has established good footholds in High Sile

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of the pathology of pregnancy diagnostic methods and treatment 28 hours

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Finally the patient stood up shook the chaplain s hand and thanked him

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be explained by other than climatic influences. In Maryland the

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of our generation to bring harmony into our profes

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Of these plates I have selected the most interesting

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