Natalie Schönfeld - Photographer

May 1997 BAA with 'Honors' in Photographic Arts, Ryerson Polytechnic University.
May-June 1996 'History of Photography' Workshop, France.
Sept.1995-April 1996 Bezalel Art Institute- Student Exchange Program, Jerusalem- Israel.

May 2000 'Festival of Holi, India', Nathan Shiff Gallery. Festival of Contact 2000. Toronto, Canada.
Dec. 99 - Jan. 2000 'su mundo: La Mar', Centro Cultural de Venezuela. Bogotá, Colombia.
August-Nov. 1999 'su mundo: LA MAR', Sala La Fotografia, Ateneo de Caracas. Caracas, Venezuela.
May 1999 'his world: LA MAR', Liberty St. Café. Contact'99. Toronto, Canada.
August-Sept.1998 'In the Midst of Flight', Rustic Cosmo Cafe. Toronto, Canada.
June -Sept. 1997 'Perceptions of Light', Rotary (Don Valley) Cheshire Homes. Toronto, Canada.
May 1995 'Life is Else(where?)', 8 Elm. Toronto, Canada.

August 2000 'Festival of Holi, India', Panorama India Exhibition. Canadian National Exhibition, National Trade Building. Exhibition Place. Toronto, Canada.
May 2000 'Liliana Medina: 13 yrs old and a mother', Tenth Muse Studio. International Festival of Photography Contact 2000. Toronto, Canada.
May 1999 'Quintet', Tenth Muse Studio. Contact'99. Toronto, Canada.
August 1997 'TUERI: a look within', Show: 'Beyond Belief'. Ryerson Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
May 1997 Humanlink Education Show, Faktorie Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
April 1997 'Perceptions of Light', Show: Absences. Ryerson 3rd Floor Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
Feb.-April 1997 France Workshop Show. Ryerson Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
Nov. -Dec. 1996 'Life is Else(where?)', Humanlink Health Show. Ryerson Gallery. Toronto, Canada.

January 1999 Calendar: 'Photographs of Venezuela'. Caracas, Venezuela.
July 9-15th, 1998 Now Magazine, pg. 9. Toronto, Canada.
April 1998 'Ryersonian' Newspaper, Work published: 'Perceptions of Light'. Toronto, Canada.
September 1997 'A Seed in the Pocket of Their Blood'. Book and traveling exhibit by Rafi Aaron. Cover and inside photograph. Toronto, Canada.
September 1995 'Life is Else(where?)' , Self Published Book publication about the lives of 42 children at the orphanage 'Hogar Corazon de Jesus' . Caracas, Venezuela.
October 1994 'Imprimase' Magazine, issue No. 109. Front cover photograph. Caracas, Venezuela.

Nov. 1999 "su mundo: LA MAR", selected to be a part of the "21 Zaguanes" Exhibit. Clarines, Venezuela.
September 1998 Nuevo Mundo Israelita Photographic Contest, First and Second Prize. Caracas, Venezuela.
February 1998 Israel's 50th Anniversary Exhibition, First Prize. Toronto, Canada.
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