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of tapping a dermoid cyst years ago led some of the

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restored by agitating them with animal charcoal recently heated this

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the breast. It had ulcerated and was attended with all the unpleasant

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of the clinical professors. For a six or eight weeks

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tant point is that tension on the suture line is avoided

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virus. He even questions the variola and vaccinia bodies. I

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render the soil unsuitable for their multiplication.

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as on shore. A large shallow basket filled with sand and having

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On admission the joint was very swollen and so painful

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sometimes known as Gin drinker s liver. Sometimes occurs in young and

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that while recovery was in no sense brought about in this

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any medical measures that facilitate control for this time

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disease are a Portal obstruction. amp Jaundice includ

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narcosis so as not to aggravate the ah eady existing central

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An officer wore socks in which Argenious acid was found.

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negative controls were always added. The same antigens were

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des oscillations brusques de la circulation dans ses differents territoires et Ires

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the pyramidal tract may produce symptoms indicative of implication of

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head member is demonstrable for a long distance before fusion

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doubt that hangs over the physiological effects of the oil this un

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accustoming the colt to the presence and control of his master

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imperilled than in deciding as to the existence of preg

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ration in the racking cough in the expectoration of tubercles

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will depend almost entirely on his personal preference and oppor

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with steadily increasing emaciation become prominent symptoms and a

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as it should be. In the past it cannot be said that some

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diseases particularly influenza. Most of this material was forwarded to the

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antagonism is probably to be attributed to the fact

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